Which North Carolina County is Building the Most Residential Homes?

Which North Carolina County is Building the Most Residential Homes?

By Jake Hill, LawnStarter Research Analyst
June 13, 2017

In a state that offers its residents everything from hikes through the Appalachian Mountains in the west to tanning on a beach off the Atlantic Ocean in the east, it’s no wonder that this is a state where folks want to settle down.

Speaking of settling down, June is officially American Housing Month. Which compelled our LawnStarter Raleigh team to see how each county’s single family home growth stacked up in North Carolina.

Census county-level building permit data helps show where building is taking place. Building permits are issued by local building departments prior to construction and are a useful proxy of construction activity.

It’s always interesting to know where homes are actually being built. Wake County led the state in total single-family home building with nearly 20,000 permitted single-units over the 2014-2016 period. Mecklenburg (just under 13,000) was second –– but of course, larger counties should have larger absolute totals.

To get a sense of the geographic distribution of the gains in residential construction, we calculated total single-unit building permits per 1,000 people. On a per capita basis, Brunswick County (51.4 permits per 1,000 people) was the clear winner, with Currituck County (30.22) and Pender County (30.22) coming in at second and third, respectively. VIEW FULL ARTICLE FOR RESULTS​​​​

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